Step 1: Place your felt disc on the head of the Hira-To®. Apply six lines of paste to the disc in a pie shaped pattern. Between the pie wedges apply 2 lines of paste.

Step 2: Once the paste is applied, rub it into the felt pad with your finger.

Step 3: After spreading the paste out with your finger insert a blade into your fixture and turn the machine on speed 1. Use the blade to finish spreading the paste onto the disc. Avoid turning the fixture all the way to the edge stop to keep from losing any polish. After working the disc for a few seconds, turn the motor speed up to 10. You will notice the disc will turn darker.

Applying Additional Diamond Paste

Step 1: After the first application, apply only 4 pie wedges to the disc instead of the original 6.


Step 2: Follow the steps 2 – 3 above to work the paste into the pad.

NOTE: Each application of Diamond Paste should last for about 10 shears.


To see some of these steps in action, please see the video below: