Q. What is a Flat Hone?

A: A flat hone is a machine fitted with a horizontal plate. An abrasive is applied to the plate either directly or with a plate system like the Hira-To®.

Q. What’s so special about this Flat Hone?

A: The Hira-To® is not just a flat hone, it’s a sharpening system! It’s equipped with the same state of art, patented fixture as the Rapid Edge® Sharpening System. This fixture has been proven time and time again in sharpening competitions across the country! It mimics free-hand factory sharpening perfectly and guarantees a consistent, quality edge every time!

Q. What are the differences between the Rapid Edge® and the Hira-To®?

A: Both are excellent machines! The main “functional” difference is the number of heads. The Hira-To® is a single head system and the Rapid Edge® is a five head system. On the Hira-To®, you have to change abrasive plates as you sharpen. The Rapid Edge® is designed so you can go from plate to plate. The other difference is the price.

Q. What kind of shears will the Hira-To® sharpen?

A: The Hira-To® sharpening system is designed to sharpen hollow-ground/ high-end beauty and grooming shears. It will sharpen both convex and bevel edge shears equally well!

Q. What is the difference between a convex and bevel edged shear?

A: A convex shear has a clam shell face that flows from the spine (or top) of the blade to the edge. A bevel edged shear is normally face-ground and beveled at the edge similar to a knife.

Q. What do you mean by hollow-ground?

A: High-end beauty and grooming shears are hollowed out along the inside of the blade. This allows for less resistance while cutting and a smoother cut as well. The edge of the hollow is flattened from the back of the ride area behind the screw to the tip along the cutting edge. This is called the ride line and lends strength to the edge. This ride line mush be re-established each time you sharpen!

Q. How do you re-establish the ride line?

A: The Hira-To® sharpening system comes equipped with a 6000 grit ceramic water stone. You use this stone to work the inside of a hollow-ground shear to re-establish the ride line.

Q. Is it easy to sharpen a beauty shear

A: This system makes it simple, but it’s not easy. You still must understand the complexities of the shear you are working. That is why the Hira-To® comes with a DVD explaining the ins-and-outs of sharpening.

Q. What if I run into problems when I’m in the field sharpening?

A: Call Wolff’s 800 number! We have a staff that is fully prepared to help you overcome any obstacles!

Q. What if the DVD isn’t enough?

A: Wolff has an extensive one-on-one training program available! It is tailored to each individual to help you overcome in doubts you may have in this business.

Q. Do I have to come to Wolff in South Carolina to train?

A: Wolff has other training options available. Approved trainers are Bobby Huffman in Knox City Missouri, Jason Pintel in Southern California, Debbie Finck in Portland Oregon, Andrew Beard of Kenchii in Atlanta Georgia and George Harris in Richmond Virginia. Each of these trainers are independent! They set their own training rates! Each is also an approved distributor of the machine and have proven to be conscientious in their training and supportive after the fact.

Q. What happens if I buy a Hira-To® and then decide I don’t like it?

A: Wolff has a 30 day money back policy on all its products!

Q. What happens if I buy a Hira-To® through one of your distributors and decide I don’t like it?

A: Each distributor is independent and sets their own policies. Give them a call and they’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

Q. How profitable is sharpening beauty shears?

A: Sharpening can be very profitable! The average charge to sharpen a beauty shear is $25.00 dollars per shear. It is like anything else in life! You’ll get out of it what is put into it!

Q. How else can I make money in this business?

A: Selling beauty shears! Wolff has a full line of Wolff® brand shears for you to sell! We also carry the Kenchii®, ProLine® and 44/20® lines of shears.

Q. How do I make money with these shears?

Wolff’s shears, and othe lines Wolff sells, are available to our sharpeners at a discount.