Overview Video

his video shows an overview of how to sharpen stylist shears for the beauty industry on the Hira-To® Sharpening System. This system is designed to recreate the convex edge and restore a shear back to factory specs.



Restoring a thinning shear

Restoring a thinning shear is simple with Wolff equipment. This video will show you the steps involved in repairing a thinner with a bent tooth.

Applying Diamond Paste

Questions come up from time-to-time about the proper way to apply diamond paste to the felt disc on the Hira-To®. This short video will walk you through the steps.


Restoring A Beauty Shear

Occasionally you will run across a shear that has been badly damaged by a previous sharpener. This video will walk you through a number of steps involved in bring a badly damaged shear back to life.